Our Certifications

The Albacora Group has the most important certifications at a world level for the manufacture and marketing of foods and is included on all the regulating lists of RFOs (Regional Fisheries Organisations). The Group complies strictly with approved management measures, including observer coverage.

The RFOs worldwide are as follows:

IATTC http://www.iattc.org/

The CIAT, established through an international agreement in 1950, is responsible for the conservation and management of tuna fisheries and other species captured by tuna fishing boats in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

ICCAT http://www.iccat.int

The International Commission for the Conservation of Tuna, is an intergovernmental fisheries organisation responsible for the conservation of tuna and similar species in the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas.

ICCAT gathers the fishing statistics of the contracting Parties, Entities and non contracting fishing Entities that fish for these species in the Atlantic Ocean, coordinates research, including stock evaluations, on behalf of its members, provides councelling on science-based planning, provides a mechanism so that the contracting parties agree upon planning measures and distributes a number of pertinent publications.

IOTC http://www.iotc.org/

The Tuna Commission of the Indian Ocean is an intergovenrmental organisation created to manage tuna and similar species in the Indian Ocean and adjacent seas. Its aim is to promote cooperation between members to ensure an appropriate management, the conservation and optimum use of stocks and the promotion of a sustainable use of fisheries based on these stocks.

WCPFC http://www.wcpfc.int/

The Fisheries Commission of the West and Central Pacific was established at the Convention for the Conservation and Management of highly migratory fish stocks in the West and Cenral Pacific (WCPF Convention), on June 19 2004. The WCPF collects the special political, socio-economic, geographical and environmental characteristics of the West and Central Pacific fisheries.

Our certificates

ISO 14001 Large

ISO 14001:2004 "Processing and commercialisation of canned fish"

MSC Large

Chain of Custody certified:
Salica Industria Alimentaria, S.A.
Salica Alimentos Congelados, S.A.
Salica del Ecuador, S.A.

BRC Large

Certification in the "Processing of fish in cans and jars".

IFS Large

Certification in the "Processing of fish in cans or jars".

HACCP Certification to export to the USA.

FDA logotype

FDA Certification to export to the USA.

DLPOA Certification to export to Brazil.

SENASA Certification to export to Brazil.


Our certifications

iso_14001 brc fda ifs msc