Mission, Outlook and Values

The ALBACORA Group is made up of a number of trading companies whose basic aim is to capture, transport, store, distribute, market and package tuna fish. The Group came into being in 1974 with the formation of the parent company ALBACORA S.A., made up of large business groups with different levels of trading experience that integrate perfectly in to achieve its established objectives.

The tuna freezer ships of the Albacora Group are considered to be the most competitive in the world. Their design provides them with the characteristics required to fish in a way that is responsible and respectful of all International Fishing Agreements for the protection of the species. The Group's commitment to the environment also extends to its state-of-the-art transformation plants which are pioneers in the obtaining of environmental and good practice certificates

The Albacora Group is also commmitted at a social level, not only to its staff but to the areas in which it operates and aims to create stable employment and wealth in a responsible manner and in collaboration with cultural and sports entities.

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Our certifications

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