ALBACORA S.A. was the first company set up within what was to be the future Albacora Group.

In 1957, the Uria family began the family fishing tradition when the Galema arrived at Dakar together with another three 3 boats from Bermeo. During the next decade, they arrived in Freetown and the first tuna fishing ships were built. in this way, in 1974, the company ALBACORAwas set up.

Over the following decades, the tuna ships were improved to increase their capacity and range.

During the 80s, in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles fishing grounds were consolidated and the Pacific Ocean followed in the 90s. Albacora was already fishing in the Atlantic and became the largest tuna fishing group in Europe, with the most technologically modern fleet, fishing in three oceans.

In 1991, the Group took the decisive step of expanding its activities from the extraction and commercialisation of tuna fish to include its transformation and marketing through the purchase of the canning company SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA, S.A. created from the merger of the family companies Campos and Astorquiza, in Bermeo. Salica is specialised in quality canned tuna fish designed for mass consumption and catering markets. Its market is mainly the Spanish market with exports to European countries such as Italy. During the following years, with the aid and guarantee of the Albacora Group, Salica consolidated its project in Spain and in other European countries.

The Group detected a virtually total dominance of hake on the Spanish frozen fish products market and created the following company SALICA ALIMENTOS CONGELADOS, S.A, in order to develop and offer the broadest range of tuna-based frozen products both for the end consumer and for the HORECA channel. Salica is a pioneer in Spain, offering both raw and pre-cooked frozen tuna products.

In 2002, the Albacora Group, already one of the largest tuna specialists in the world, created the SALICA DEL ECUADOR, S.A. complex in Posorja, a fishing and transformation logistics base that today serves the American market, making the Albacora Group a global company, the only one that fishes in every ocean and supplies tuna to worldwide consumer markets.

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